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Job Interview

Preparing for your interview

Do you have an appointment scheduled with USCIS? Here are some tips and guidelines to help you prepare for your interview.  

Read your interview notice.

It will provide a lot of helpful information with regards to arrival time and necessary documents. 



As of the time of this update, please do not arrive at USCIS more than 15 minutes before your appointment.


Applicants should bring their current legal permanent residence card and a secondary form of identity such as your passport, drivers license, or state ID.

If you have an interpreter, the interpreter should also bring proof of identity.


USCIS Columbus Field Office
395 E Broad St #100
Columbus, OH 43215

Click here for directions. 




Download Park Columbus App and set up your payment method. You will need it to parallel park. 


Click here to download the app for Apple Products.

Click here to download the app for Android Products.


There are also a number of parking lots and within walking distance.

A few of the closest parking lots and garages are:


  • Allpro Parking 431 E Broad St, Columbus, OH 43215

  • Motorists Parking Garage 460 Oak St, Columbus, OH 43215

  • LAZ Parking 50 S Young St, Columbus, OH 43215

  • 78 N 6th St Parking 78 N 6th St, Columbus, OH 43215

  • Brioso Public Parking Lot 333 E Long St, Columbus, OH 43215

  • SP+ Parking 115 N Grant Ave, Columbus, OH 43215

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